Well our fun Winter season is now slowly warming up to a hot summer season.  Carol McDonald will be doing A Good Night for Improv.  A rolicky, fun show that will tickle everyone's fancy!

--A wildly unny mix of comedy, theater and audience participation including a comedy headliner, a “Dating” Game segment, skits and a game full of improvisations. Come down for some laughs and a good time!

The August Stage show stage show of the summer will be a take off on a classic favorite called Larceny and Old Lace by Van Vandagriff.

Audiences of all ages will love this clever and well-crafted spoof of the community theatre classic!  Harold Peabody’s sweet aunts, Millie and Gertie, are gambling in Las Vegas while Harold stays at their home to watch over his eccentric Uncle Charlie, who thinks he is a pirate and is constantly ’burying treasure’ in the basement.  When Harold hears the local bank has been robbed and then discovers a bag of money in the house, he declares that Charlie has buried his last treasure and decides he must go to a home for senior citizens.  But Aunt Millie and Aunt Gertie can’t imagine doing such a thing.  After all, Charlie had nothing to do with the bag of money.  How do they know?  They stole it from a casino! They casually admit it was their thirteenth holdup of a gambling establishment, pleasantly reminiscing about their previous exploits.  When Harold’s jailbird cousin Mordred shows up with his own bundle of money and the FBI hot on his heels, the pandemonium multiplies.  Join the madness as Harold attempts to keep his aunts out of jail, Mordred from killing them all, his fiancée from walking out on him and himself from going insane!